50 for 50

It was my birthday last month and at 48 I am now slap bang in the middle age zone and also deep into mid-life crisis territory. One wrong step and I’ll be hunting for a girl half my age and driving fast cars that I can’t afford!

about as far as the budget will stretch!

This is the first birthday that I’ve really felt my age. I was happy at every milestone in my life but for some reason 50 feels much more ominous. Some of you who come here regularly will scoff but it feels old and I don’t like feeling old.

This topic came up on a recent trip to the barbers. She is almost exactly 10 years younger than me and while she isn’t dreading 40 she has a plan to mark it with 40 things for her 40th birthday. The conversation reminded me of personal challenges set by two friends (Eileen and Yvonne) to mark significant birthdays of their own. Inspired by these 3 ladies I have come up with my own list.

Some of these are things I’ve been thinking of for a while and some are things I’m planning to do over the next few years anyway. There are no rules and no particular order. I’ll do some together and sometimes one thing might count for more than one item on the list. I’m allowing myself until the end of 2023 so have just over 2 years but, if I don’t get them all done then no worries. The goal here is to have fun!

  • Give up social media for 1 month
  • Climb Mt Everest (walking elevation)
  • Sleep on a mountain top with no tent
  • Camp on a beach
  • Raise €5,000 for charity
  • Walk a marathon
  • Cycle the Ireland Way
  • Climb the Ulster County Tops
  • Climb the Ireland 4 Peaks
  • Midnight Skinny Dip
  • Read 5 Classic Novels
  • Gift 5 coffees to strangers
  • Carve an item from wood
  • Give flowers to 5 strangers
  • Drive the Wild Atlantic Way
  • Visit the 32 counties of Ireland
  • Take a photo of 5 strangers and get their stories
  • Run a 10K
  • Stay silent for 24hrs
  • Abseil off a cliff or tall building
  • Complete a multi day bikepacking trip
  • Complete a multi day backpacking trip
  • Take 5 photos that are worth framing
  • Learn to swim
  • Cycle from dusk to dawn
  • Kiss the Blarney Stone
  • Firewalk
  • Have acupuncture
  • Take 5 yoga lessons
  • Take 5 dance lessons
  • Volunteer for a day
  • Plant 5 trees
  • Grow a meal
  • Catch and cook a fish
  • Bake a cake
  • Visit Tory Island
  • Spend a night on Aranmore Island
  • Re-visit the Aran Islands
  • Visit Glasnevin cemetery
  • Visit the War Memorial Gardens
  • Make a pen pal
  • Send a message in a bottle
  • Make a time capsule
  • Donate blood
  • Make a memory box
  • Climb the closest 50 hills to home on MountainViews.ie
  • Go pony trekking
  • Go for a wild swim
  • Do a pier jump
  • Grow a tree from seed

Header image © Pixabay

12 thoughts on “50 for 50

  1. unironedman

    Drive the Wild Atlantic Way? I’m sure you meant to say ‘cycle’, no? I’d love to do it. And of course, it has been done. As for the trees; definitely the best thing any of us can do. Out with the kids and collect acorns (and other seeds) and plant them by the hundreds. Make great gifts too, when they are about two years old, in a pot. Trees, that is. Not the kids.
    Wild swimming (and skinny dipping) are certainly things to be doing ALL THE TIME! Make them into a lifetime habit, and they naturally form part of any hike or ramble.
    I’m afraid I set the bar low for my 50th. I did a 50k ultra. But that was about it.

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  4. threewheelsonmywaggon

    Chasing after girls half your age, with looks like yours – good luck with that one (only joking) – I can’t remember what I did on my 50th birthday and as for bucket lists – I wake up each morning and challenge myself to get up off my bum and do something – life is too short for anything else, especially daydream about what you would like to achieve – just live each day as if it were your last (certainly in my case that may be all too true). I have always sinny dipped (as school children we would go down to the river – strip off and dive in (boys and girls) we did not care a jot, we were just having fun. The only advice I have as far as adventuring is concerned is this – don’t say I will do it when I retire – do it when you are fit enough to do it. I was out on my motorcycle today, not a long run but I was feeling my age when I got home, old age doesn’t come alone, and that’s the truth.

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