Daggerspell (Deverry #1) by Katherine Kerr From Goodreads: Even as a young girl, Jill was a favorite of the magical, mysterious Wildfolk, who appeared to her from their invisible realm. Little did she know her extraordinary friends represented but a glimpse of a forgotten past and a fateful future. Four hundred years-and many lifetimes-ago, one […]

song of the week 02: under the bridge

“Under the Bridge” by Red Hot Chilli Peppers Genre: Alternative Rock Single Release Date: March 1992 Album: “Blood Sugar Sex Magik“ I was aware of Red Hot Chilli Peppers but hadn’t listened to them really throughout my teens. In my mid 20s with money to spend from my first real job I started to buy […]

walk: corravaddy woods

Corravaddy is a Coillte plantation forest between Letterkenny and Ballybofey. In recent years Coillte have spent some money in the area, upgrading paths, putting up signage and installing some bridges. It’s a popular place to walk being so close to two large towns. Catriona and the boys have been a few times with friends of […]

it’s time to look forward…

I’m no fan of An Taoiseach Micheál Martin and I did think that the start of his speech was a bit corny. However, by the end I felt it was the best government speech I’ve heard for a long time. Maybe it was the message, maybe it was the nationalistic theme and maybe it was […]

trippin’ through my 60s

Trippin’ Through My 60s by Reginald Spittle From Amazon: As a child of the Sixties, Reg Spittle was no stranger to unrest and rebellion. So it was no surprise that, at age 60, when he closed his office door for the last time and left the working world behind, his restlessness would lead him to […]

into the out of

Into The Out Of by Alan Dean Foster From Goodreads: An ancient evil… They’re small and dark–and as elusive as a shadow under your bed or an unexplained creak in the night. But the shetani are beings of awesome power, a swarm of spirits stealing into our world from the Out Of to destroy the very fabric […]


One of the things I enjoy about walking, hiking, camping and similar outdoor activities is all the gear I can buy. I’m also a real sucker for badges, patches and similar collectable items. The perfect confluence of all of this is German walking sticks… I bought this stick from a gift shop on the shore […]

covid booster 1 – 0 niall

Just like the previous two vaccines the booster I received yesterday knocked me on my arse! I had the vaccine at 11am and by the afternoon I could feel the familiar ache in my upper arm. I had dosed up on Ibuprofen and Paracetamol as a preventative and headed for bed early with quite a […]

song of the week 01: the beautiful people

“The Beautiful People” by Marilyn Manson Genre: Alternative Metal Single Release Date: September 1996 Album: “Antichrist Superstar“ Although I’ve been a fan of rock and metal music since my early teens I’ve never really clicked with Marilyn Manson. Then I heard this track and it quickly became one of my favourites. That may be as […]

living with covid

I finally got around to getting my vaccine booster this morning. I was going to book an appointment at the vaccine centre for a day last week but then our health centre announced a vaccine day. I decided to delay for a week for the convenience factor. My first two shots were in the official […]