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july – a month of significant days

July is a busy month for our family and it starts straight away with my Mum’s birthday on July 1st. Two weeks later on the 14th it’s the turn of Dad and myself. It’s a joint birthday but this year it’s all about Dad as he turned 70. We had a family get-together at a restaurant in Letterkenny and then back to Mum and Dad’s for a few hours.

Just before this my blog passed it’s second blogiversary. I’m now up to 236 followers and have a good core group of regular readers, many of whom like and comment on a regular basis. This week I also passed a pretty big milestone for a blog that I don’t promote beyond my personal Facebook page.

However, by far and away the most important date this year is today. 20 years ago I married my soulmate. As Catriona eloquently said on Facebook this morning “20 years of you, me and us” We’re a perfect example of a couple that are better people together than we ever would have been apart ❤️

we haven’t changed a bit!

We arranged to have our days off together today. Yesterday evening we went for a lovely meal in The Hidden Pearl, Sion Mills. Today we went back to Portstewart and had lunch in the Anchor Bar where we first met.

We had a lovely day driving and walking around a town that is full of memories for me, having lived there for a few years but with a very special memory that we both celebrated today.

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One of my favourite cycling blogs is SecondrateCyclist. He writes very eloquently about many cycling topics but also some non-cycling stuff that’s equally well written. In the last year he had a horrific bicycle crash and has written some brilliant posts on the accident, the mental and physical impacts and his recovery.

Recently he’s been sharing some of his favourite podcasts. Up until now I haven’t listened to podcasts and I’m really enjoying these recommendations.

The latest is called “In The Red Clay” and is definitely the best so far. I couldn’t wait to listen to the next episode and I’m really sorry to have reached the end.

I highly recommend that you give this blog a follow and give the podcasts a try 👍

today’s perfect moment

A regular blog read for me is Today’s Perfect Moment written by Anthony, a teacher of English as a Second Language based in Canada. It’s all about finding the positives in life and especially in the small things that happen every day.

His tagline is:

Using a little bit of perfection found by sifting through the day to brighten my mood and hopefully yours.

I had a perfect moment today and I figured World Mental Health Day was a great day to share it, inspired by reading Anthony’s post this evening.

At work today I had a customer I know from before I worked in retail. She arranged the mortgage for our current house approximately 16 years ago. I’ve met her a couple of times over the years but today was the first time I’ve spent a while talking to her and definitely the first time selling her something. We talked quite a bit about her house, her job and of course her sofa and dining chairs. She asked me about work and working in my current job. I told her I really enjoy it and she very nicely told me that it suits me and that I’m very good at it. I’m still learning to be able to accept compliments but it was really nice as I could tell she meant it. I thanked her of course and I hope she understood how good it made me feel, definitely a perfect moment and especially nice as I’m now off on leave for 4 days!


One year ago yesterday I created this blog and made my first post. In the year since I’ve written a total of 114 posts consisting of 41,430 words.

As that first post states I started this blog for myself. I use it as a place to empty my brain and I like the feeling of writing about what I’m doing and experiencing. However, some people also seem to like what I have to say!

I have a total of 60 followers who get updated when I post, I’ve had 834 visitors, 412 post likes and 63 comments from readers. It amazes me that anyone can be interested in what I’m writing but I have to admit it also feels pretty good.

I’ve followed a small number of blogs for a few years now. Secondrate Cyclist, The Viscous Cycle and Tempo Cyclist are the three I’ve followed for the longest but over the last year I’ve also discovered a few others that I find consistently interesting. A Dude Abikes, Biking to Work, Kieran’s Bullshit Humour, View from the Back and Today’s Perfect Moment would be my favourites.

Thank you to everyone that has taken the time to visit, read, like and comment on my posts but thank you also to all the authors of the many blogs I’ve discovered and enjoyed.

Header image by Miguel Á. Padriñán from Pexels