10 thoughts on “Video: Head Games

  1. unironedman

    Nice! Admirable honesty as always. Was that a rainbow over your head around the nine minute mark? πŸ˜‰
    And fair play setting up all those shots. I know it means leaving the camera, cycling past, then going back to collect it.
    Also, impressively low wind noise considering all the conditions. What’s your secret? 😜

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    1. niall Post author

      Plenty of wind coming from me 🀣

      I use the media mod on the gopro, it’s great for blocking wind noise and has a very good directional mic.

      The rainbow was lovely. Had a good view of it later but didn’t realise it was there when I was filming until the edit 😊

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  2. crustytuna

    ‘watching all that sh*te on Youtube” hahhahhaha.
    All those POV shots at the beginning and end are strangely meditative.
    If road cycling was like this out my way, I’d be so much more of a fan! Stunning scenery, and appreciate the transparency. Also really enjoy listening to your accent! I’m going to start March on the positive note you’ve ended February on πŸ™‚

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  3. Kieran

    I haven’t been motivated to get on the bike either — and now is when our weather is perfect. Can’t imagine riding in your rain. It looks like you are incredibly motivated to me. Love the “empty roads” and green countryside. My rides look like they are happening on a different planet than yours.

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    1. niall Post author

      I think it’s always nice to see other places. I look at some of the American desert terrain and think it’s amazing. Some of the photos from people bikepacking and MTBing in Utah are out of this world to me. If it was every day for me then I can see how Ireland can be equally amazing

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