To keep my positive focus I’ve now booked time off work for the 600km spin. It starts Saturday 10th June so I’ve booked a couple of days to allow time to panic properly and get my bike and gear sorted. I’ve also booked the week off after for a bit of a holiday. I hope I don’t need it all for recovery!

8 thoughts on “Planning…

  1. threewheelsonmywaggon

    Remember the tortoise and the hare, don’t try to win in the first 200k. June is a good month to try, never really gets dark. The secret is to eat and drink a little but often, and take some sweets – jelly babies work for me. Recovery will be slow, but not down and out. The adrenal will help you get over the first day.

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    1. niall Post author

      Yeah, slow and steady. Hope to get a few 200km rides in before that to get me used to it all again. Jelly Babies are my favourite too, when the boys see them in the house they know I’m off for a long ride 🤣



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