walk: corravaddy woods

Corravaddy is a Coillte plantation forest between Letterkenny and Ballybofey. In recent years Coillte have spent some money in the area, upgrading paths, putting up signage and installing some bridges. It’s a popular place to walk being so close to two large towns. Catriona and the boys have been a few times with friends of hers but I haven’t. Looking for somewhere different to go this afternoon I decided to fix that.

Being a Sunday afternoon it was a bit too busy for me and Rosie both but I think I’ll go back another day mid-week when I think I’ll get a bit more peace and quiet.

Header image by Pixabay from Pexels

1 thought on “walk: corravaddy woods

  1. threewheelsonmywaggon

    and that’s the problem I have with putting in paths and bridges and upgrading an area, it becomes a victim of its own success. When they started upgrading paths up many of the Munros in Scotland it encouraged people onto the hills, a good thing to get them out in the fresh air and exercising – sadly the paths became worn away and boogie so people moves to the edge of the path where the footing was better and before long they became motorways with water streaming down them every time it rained. so more money needed to be spent to upgrade them.- a vicious circle. To the woods, I can’t my mother won’t lest me, how old is your mother, twenty-one, bring your mother too, to the woods.

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