long road to mercy

Long Road to Mercy (Attlee Pine #1) by David Baldacci

From Goodreads:

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe. Catch a tiger by its toe.

It’s seared into Atlee Pine’s memory: the kidnapper’s chilling rhyme as he chose between six-year-old Atlee and her twin sister, Mercy. Mercy was taken. Atlee was spared.

She never saw Mercy again.

Three decades after that terrifying night, Atlee Pine works for the FBI. She’s the lone agent assigned to the Shattered Rock, Arizona resident agency, which is responsible for protecting the Grand Canyon.

So when one of the Grand Canyon’s mules is found stabbed to death at the bottom of the canyon-and its rider missing-Pine is called in to investigate. It soon seems clear the lost tourist had something more clandestine than sightseeing in mind. But just as Pine begins to put together clues pointing to a terrifying plot, she’s abruptly called off the case.

If she disobeys direct orders by continuing to search for the missing man, it will mean the end of her career. But unless Pine keeps working the case and discovers the truth, it could spell the very end of democracy in America as we know it…

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

This story felt like the author was trying to create a female version of Jack Reacher. In doing so he makes her a loner with personality issues and very butch. I think he could have done a better job with this.

The storyline is interesting and very well written for the first half but then it went off the rails into absurdity that I had difficulty with. I also had issues with Mrs Blum’s character. The change she went through just felt wrong as did the dynamic between her and Pine.

Saying all that the book is very readable. It’s styled like Reacher books also with short, snappy chapters that trot along at a fast pace drawing you along.

Overall I enjoyed it and look forward to seeing what happens next with Agent Pine.

Header image by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

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