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not so common anymore….

For the last few days I’ve been dosed with a rotten head cold. Owen very kindly brought it home from school at the end of last week and decided to share it with me!

With all the Covid restrictions, mask wearing and hand sanitising it must be nearly 2 years since I last had a cold. It feels very weird to be ill like this and it also feels decidedly uncomfortable being around other people. There’s a genuine concern that I will infect them and even if it’s such a mild virus it still feels wrong. Just one more thing to get used to as we return to normal.

Header image by Pixabay from Pexels.com

bad patient

Ironically mainly because I have no patience being unwell. I just want it over with. I can’t abide it when a sickness creeps up and then hangs around like a particularly smelly fart.

My personal challenge for November was an activity every day: a walk, run or cycle. I was finishing up the month with a cycle on Sunday and a final walk on Monday morning with possibly a short walk either evening to get me to 100km walked for the month.

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It was a decent distance, there was a reasonable amount of climbing, with one pretty big climb about 3/4 of the way through and I deserved to be tired after. I was more than just tired though, I was beat for the rest of the afternoon and even managed to fall asleep on the sofa for almost an hour which isn’t like me.

The next morning I rose early as planned and somehow managed to drag myself around the shorter 4.5km walk loop with legs like concrete. I went to work as normal but felt like shit the whole day with no energy, total lack of enthusiasm and a progressively worsening sore throat. It was time for my annual fight with the more familiar but less media savvy rhinovirus.

not as pretty as its chinese cousin

Monday night I was awake off and on the whole night and come morning I was in no shape for work and had to call in sick. Great timing with it being the first day of the end of Lockdown v2.0 but I wasn’t even fit to drive to work never mind be there.

A day of fluids, paracetamol, decongestant, bed and sofa with regular injections of TV and comfort food followed by an OK night’s sleep and I’m a lot better today. I was scheduled to be off today anyway and I’m ready to face the public again tomorrow.

As sickness goes it’s definitely been one of the shorter and nothing in the realms of proper man flu. It has, however messed with my plans of continuing my daily challenge into December and possibly even making it a full year 365 day challenge. I do plan to get back out tomorrow evening for a walk after work and maybe I can make it a 2021 challenge instead.

thankfully i didn’t progress to this level

Header image by Polina Tankilevitch from Pexels