covid booster 1 – 0 niall

Just like the previous two vaccines the booster I received yesterday knocked me on my arse!

I had the vaccine at 11am and by the afternoon I could feel the familiar ache in my upper arm. I had dosed up on Ibuprofen and Paracetamol as a preventative and headed for bed early with quite a sore arm and a slight ache in my legs.

I didn’t sleep well, a bit unsettled and awake shortly after 5am. I could feel an ache in my back and legs in addition to my arm and when I eventually got up at 7am to prepare for work I was feeling pretty tired. I showered and changed feeling rough but figured I could get through a day at work and then BOOM! a cold sweat hit me, sudden nausea and very faint to the extent that I was seeing stars. I had to call in sick to work and crawled back to bed scaring the crap out of Catriona in the process.

I stayed in bed sleeping off and on until lunchtime when I relocated to the living room, feeling slightly better but still rough. As the afternoon progressed I could feel the aches and tiredness gradually lifting and this evening I’m feeling much better. I’m back to just a bit of an ache in my upper arm, pretty much where I was at lunchtime yesterday and hopefully back to 100% in the morning.

I really hope this is the end of Covid vaccines as I’m getting pretty fed up with them by now…

Header image by cottonbro from Pexels

6 thoughts on “covid booster 1 – 0 niall

  1. kirkmtb

    Glad to hear you’re recovering. I had nothing from my first, a little tiredness from the second and feverishness and exhaustion from the booster. Since then I’ve tested positive and had a little tiredness but nothing else. I’m over it now but if the vaccine is worse than the virus it gets you thinking. I’m sure if I hadn’t been triple jabbed it wold have been much worse so I’ll go with the recommendations.

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    1. niall (idlecyclist) Post author

      I had similar aches with the virus this time last year. It was probably the Beta variant (also known as the British variant) but it was a lot worse and longer lasting than the vaccine. I think they are doing their job but the virus variants are also weakening so the effects are now lessened considerably. I just hope that the next variant is weaker again and that we can finally live without vaccines…

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