never somewhere else

Never Somewhere Else (DCI Lorimer #1) by Alex Gray

From Goodreads:

When a series of young women are discovered strangled and mutilated in a Glasgow park, it is up to DCI Lorimer to find their killer. He enlists the services of Dr Solomon Brightman, a psychologist and criminal profiler.

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

A new author for me and this is her first published book. I came across her watching an RTE documentary about Marie Cassidy, the former State Pathologist. She is originally from Glasgow and friends with the author who appears in the show. She sounded a bit like Mo Hayder so I decided to give her a go.

Unfortunately this book is nothing like Mo Hayder and Lorimer is a pale shadow of Jack Caffrey! The book isn’t bad, it just isn’t good. There’s no depth to anything, no intriguing storyline and only a very shallow relationship with the characters. Simply put we don’t get to know them at all, even Lorimer who is supposed to be the lead.

There is a lot of potential with the characters and I do like the idea of the books being set in Glasgow for a change. I’ll give another couple a go before I decide to give up or not. She has written 17 books in the series and has received a number of awards so I’m expecting them to get better.

5 thoughts on “never somewhere else

    1. idlecyclist Post author

      To me the characters make the story. Mo Hayder has particularly original characters and stories. Michael Connolly is another great author with his characters Bosch and Mickey Haller


  1. threewheelsonmywaggon

    I get that when Scottish authors started to write in the language of the people of Scotland it was a breath of fresh air, I just feel now that it is more jumping on the bandwagon than good storytelling, sorry must just be me.

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    1. idlecyclist Post author

      Yeah. There is a bit of that. I don’t really like it, I’m not a fan of it with any dialect, it makes the story too difficult to follow. I don’t mind phrases and words but extended dialogue doesn’t do it for me. Roddy Doyle does it with Dublin based stories but I find it too difficult to read.


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