work stops play

I expected it to be difficult to keep up the level of activity of the last few weeks when I went back to work but I had a plan for the week. I didn’t plan on multiple days of stormy wind and rain though.

Tuesday onwards has been pretty grim which had a big impact on my cycling. My plan was 60km each of my days off (Wednesday and Sunday) with 25km two mornings before work (Tuesday and Friday). Tuesday morning wasn’t happening as I really needed the extra hour in bed. Wednesday I did get out but the worst of the storm was to hit that afternoon into Thursday so I only managed a wet and windy 26km. It was still stormy Friday morning so the bike was out again. Today it’s Mother’s Day and #2 son’s 13th birthday so 2.5hrs on the bike was never going to happen. I had hoped for an hour in the morning but a walk was just about enjoyable, a cycle would have been hateful. A total of 26km for the week, how the mighty have fallen!

© strava

Walking has been more successful. I’ve managed to keep up my streak of walking every day. Even on the wettest days it’s not hard to dress up appropriately and make it at least partially enjoyable. My target for the week is 30km and finishing on 28.9 my only issue was skipping the 2km walk on Thursday morning. Heavy rain and hail showers was not my idea of a good way to start the day.

© garmin connect

The biggest result of the week has been finally starting a strength and conditioning program. I’ve been following the Chain Reactions kettlebell routine from YouTube. Monday, Thursday, Saturday with a 2km warm up walk (skipped on Thursday). I’ve also added in some upper body movements to give a 25-30min routine. I was very stiff on Wednesday but OK since and hopefully it’s the start of a new habit.

#2 son 2008-2021

5 thoughts on “work stops play

  1. A Dude Abikes

    Sucks about the weather but then Ireland ain’t Texas, son!

    I forget, do you have a trainer sleuth a speed meter for the rear hub? It allows one to keep counting miles.

    That’s good advice from unironedman.

    And great you’re doing other activities. Diversifying ones fitness should help recovery. Hasn’t for me but that’s more if a sleep thing, oh well.

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    1. idlecyclist Post author

      Don’t have an indoor setup. Have tried it a few times and really dislike it. I’d rather go for a walk in the storm than train indoors so at least I have an option 😊


      1. A Dude Abikes

        I’m with you. Although I have an old metal one it’s just boring. Being a mileage addict, I use it when I must, like the recent Snowpocalypse. Luckily that’s only been about 7 days in several years. If I want to get my mileage done much quicker though I would use the trainer everyday. When it’s safe to go to the gym and my injury is healed, if it does, spin classes might be good for me. But outdoors is almost always better. Maybe when it’s 100°F+ this year I’ll reconsider.

        Is it easy for you to figure Celsius to Fahrenheit or do you only know the former?

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      2. idlecyclist Post author

        °C the whole way for me but according to the University of Google, multiply by 2 and add 30 gives an estimated °F. It’s fairly accurate though as 13°C is 56°F by that but the exact conversion is 55.4°F.

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