the postman cometh

Just over a month since Xmas and Santa came again yesterday.

Funkier Pontebba Winter Jacket

Ordered based on a recommendation from a fellow blogger. Reduced from $100 to $19 and $28 for delivery which I felt was still good value. Predicted delivery from US 21-45 days, arrived on 22nd day. Great first impressions and looking forward to testing it over the next couple of weeks.

Podsacs Waterproof Frame Bag

Medium size and bought for Audax spins and possibly bikepacking. Not on an offer (£34.99 from PlanetX) but good value and bought based on the saddle bag I bought in November.

Planet X Waterproof Crab Hand Winter Glove 

I’ve looked at similar gloves over the last couple of years and at £9.99 these seemed to be great value. They’re no longer on the website so may have been a clearance price. I hopefully won’t need to wear them too often🤞

Photo by Khwanchai Phanthong from Pexels

3 thoughts on “the postman cometh

  1. threewheelsonmywaggon

    It is all about a Sales Curve when the product reached the peak, sales will start to drop off, to squeeze a few dollars more, they do what is called Pile them High sell them Low. We really should not buy at the top of the sales curve, wait, the price will fall, (unless you really are one of these people who must have the latest gadget or fashion). keep those pedals turning.

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