snow makes everything better

Turns out yesterday’s snow was just an indication of what was to come with heavy snow showers overnight resulting in a beautiful covering of snow for a bright and sunny morning.

I’d planned to walk the usual 4.5km before breakfast but was enjoying it so much I kept going for the longer 6km walk.

Lots of photos below but I could have taken hundreds. After yesterday’s mishaps I was particularly scundered* last night but this beautiful fresh landscape had changed everything this morning ☃☀

hungry neighbours 🐮
flying dog
really fancy an iced donut now 🍩

*scundered (scunnered in Scotland): one of the best emotion descriptive words I know, just one of the things we do particularly well in Ireland.

4 thoughts on “snow makes everything better

    1. idlecyclist Post author

      She’s great company for walking and running. Can’t get out without her and at 10 years old I’m amazed by her continued energy and enthusiasm 🙂


  1. threewheelsonmywaggon

    I know what you mean, I lost my dog some years back now, he was 14 years old and saw me through good times and bad, never a cross word from him and a constant companion, we went everywhere together, he even travelled in his basket on the rear of the bike.

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