tip: how to backup your strava account

One of my favourite blogs is Tempo Cyclist. He writes about lots of things, mostly cycling related. This morning he shared a great tip that I was unaware of and think is worth sharing.

Rather than try to rehash what TC has already eloquently described head over to his blog and read what he has to say. While there I’d recommend having a look at his older posts and giving him a follow if you don’t already πŸ‘

7 thoughts on “tip: how to backup your strava account

    1. idlecyclist Post author

      It is and any activities I record with a Garmin device get copied to Strava so I already have a backup. I guess TC’s point is that Strava carries a lot of additional data such as photos and routes that could be lost if Strava get hacked in a similar way to Garmin’s issues last year. It’s probably overkill but it took me about 5min to do 😊

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      1. unironedman

        I see. It’s making your own backup. If I had read the article, I would probably have learned that πŸ˜‰
        I know a few serious cyclists, and they really cleave to their devices; much more so than a runner would to their watches. I guess they are a more powerful and standalone device.

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  1. A Dude Abikes

    Yeah Tempo Cyclist is a great guy and cyclist. I haven’t seen that post yet so I will check it out. I also use Garmin via my watch and phone app, but Strava is my go-to for where I really check my activities. I don’t do the social stuff on Garmin.

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    1. idlecyclist Post author

      Same. For me Garmin is just a convenient and simple way to get my activities from my devices to Strava. I have one friend that only does Garmin but I only rarely look at his activities.


  2. tempocyclist.com

    Thanks for the link! I guess also if you use a GPS cycle computer besides a Garmin this is even more important as Strava would be your sole source of data storage. Also, all my “virtual” ride data is stored centrally on Strava from all of the different platforms I use / have used.

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