sundays have become run days

In the last couple of weeks Conor’s gaelic training has changed from Saturday afternoon to Sunday. It has put a real spanner in my cycling. His training starts at 1130am and finishes at 1245pm. It doesn’t give me enough time before unless I get up really early and afterwards I only have a couple of hours before darkness. I’ve found it difficult to get motivated to go out in the cold and wet afternoons. However, both of the last two Sundays I’ve made it out for a run.

Today my legs were feeling tired and heavy but the bright winter sunshine was nice to be out in. I did underestimate how cold the strong breeze was though and was glad to finish the warm up walk and start running.

There is a local 5K running event scheduled for Boxing Day. I’m still in two minds whether to enter or not. I’m not sure I can run the 5K without walking and I don’t see the point of doing it otherwise. I plan to run Tuesday and Thursday and then decide.

1 thought on “sundays have become run days

  1. threewheelsonmywaggon

    It can be so easy to look out the window and say, it is too cold, too wet, or too windy, I was lucky when I started cycling I had a friend who was keen as mustard and would come to the door to get me, No point in saying no. we would go out and pull the legs off one another, he was such a motivator. I look back on the days I could cover (on a TT) 30 miles in just under the hour, that was my personal best and all thanks to my pall at that time.

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