week one

My first week of the 31 Days of Biking challenge is complete and so far, so good.

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I’m aiming for 230km per week so after Week 1 I’ve banked 36km in case I have issues later in the month getting in my mileage.

Four of my runs were early mornings, getting away at 6am for a 25km blast before heading to work. This route is nice and simple and doesn’t require too much thought or effort at that time of the morning.

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Half of it is on the main N15 and although the roads are still quiet it’s a lot busier than I expected, especially with HGVs. I guess they’re trying to beat the traffic through the night and early morning.

My longest spin was 74km on Sunday, to the Ghost House, but as Monday was a Bank Holiday I also managed to sneak in a bonus 57km spin. This was in support of our Club Beginner Group that is in its second week. I cycled up and down and then completed 25km with the group, providing support and advice as they gain confidence on the road and in traffic. It was a very social night, very relaxed and very enjoyable.

I had planned to get 50-60km in again on Wednesday, my second day off, but life intervened. Family duties took priority which meant I didn’t get out until quite late in the day and was under pressure to get home for 8pm. 33km had to satisfy me but it kept me on track.

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Only 7 days in and I’m starting to see benefits already. I can feel my legs getting stronger and I seem to be getting faster as my morning times are improving. I’m not sure how much of this is due to weather conditions through the week but at least they’re heading in the right direction.

Week 2 starts tomorrow with some additional challenges that will require careful time management.

3 thoughts on “week one

  1. threewheelsonmywaggon

    You said that family commitments got in the way. I remember an interview with Sean Yates in the 1980s, he would have been at the top of his game then, winning and competing at the highest level in Europe at the time, even wore the yellow jersey in the Tour de France for one day. when asked what makes a successful cyclist he said: “You have to be very selfish”. We who have enjoyed cycling over the years and competed, even as good club riders, no a little of that selfishness. keep well and keep turning those peddles.

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