metric century: july

This is the first metric challenge ride I’ve done within the proper month since May when I did two in the same week to make up for missing April in the midst of lockdown.

It was also the least motivated I’ve ever been to get out for a spin! Leaving the house required more effort than riding the bike. The weather was almost perfect for cycling with cloudy skies and only a light breeze. Temperatures were in the mid teens so warm enough for comfort without overheating. To pile on the pressure the Halfords mechanic jumped me up the service queue to get the bike serviced and back to me on Sunday. I really couldn’t not go out with all that!

I wish I could say I enjoyed it but it was just grand to be honest. As I haven’t cycled much this month and I’ve picked up a running injury I didn’t want to take on anything with too much climbing. The best option for this was to stay in the Finn Valley between Strabane and Ballybofey doing two repeats of a 50K route, basically a repeat of my February metric spin, but without the snow! It made for a less intensive ride but unfortunately also a less interesting one.

Main thing is that it’s done and coincidentally probably the fastest 100K I’ve done so far, definitely the fastest solo one. All being well August will be more enjoyable and I also have a plan to challenge myself further as I go into the second half of the year.

click the image to view on strava

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