now i’m a runner!

Back in October I started the None2Run program. This is a program for complete beginners, very similar to Couch25K (C25K) but slowed down and extended from 9 to 12 weeks. C25K has a distance aim of 5km at the end whereas N2R is based solely on time. It goes from Week 1 running intervals of 30sec and walking 2min to running 25min in Week 12.

I pushed the program too hard, adding extra time to intervals and running some of them back to back quite early on. This led to pulling a muscle in my left calf that knocked me off running for 2-3 weeks. The injury happened in the middle of December so I wasn’t recovered until Xmas and then laziness set in. Cycling took over a bit in January and it wasn’t until lockdown at the beginning of April that I decided to try again.

I restarted the program on Week 3 as I had been doing quite a bit of walking and figured I had a decent amount of strength in my legs. Apart from a 2 week gap at the beginning of May I’ve been consistently moving through the weeks.

Last week was my first time to run non-stop for 20 min in Week 10. This was a big deal for me as I’ve always said I’m not a runner. Today was the first of my Week 11 runs and I ran a full 5km without walking! Not only that but I ran sub 30min at 29:38. I never thought I’d achieve either of those targets and pleased would be a massive understatement!

the n2r selfie for the facebook group

The mantra on the N2R Facebook group is that if you are running, even for only 30sec, then you are a runner. Last week was a big step but it’s today that I really feel like a runner 🏃

click the image to view on strava

Header image by Zain Ali from Pexels

6 thoughts on “now i’m a runner!

  1. mamó blue jay

    Whoop whoop ! Well done. You’ve inspired me to try again. I completed the Couch to 5 k programme but although I was running for the required minutes, and a bit more, I was never running anywhere near 5k non stop. Well done you !

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  2. biking2work

    That really is well done. Congratulations. I tried C25K as a part of a weight loss thing and strained my calf, rested 2 weeks and it was no better. So I started cycling again. This was 5 years ago. I haven’t stopped riding but didn’t run again until 2018 when I started again to get more weight bearing exercise into my legs for cricket. I got up to week 9 and pulled the same calf muscle! So, like you, I rested the 4 weeks before Christmas and got lazy and a bit fearful that more injury would curtail my cricket. I think that I might be over winter commuting so as I have been doing regular walking I might try this None2Run thing. Consider yourself inspirational!

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  3. Bradfordgull

    Congratulations on a brilliant achievement and very pacey too. Its great what freedom running gives you when you are short of time. I recommend the Garmin Coaching 5k to 10k Training programme which you should be able to do through your Garmin Connect as it looks like you have a Garmin watch. Congratulations mate brilliant

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