Bikepacking has become my new obsession! I’ve been aware of it for a while and it’s always attracted me as it combines so many elements from activities that interest me. A combination of cycling, hiking, camping and backpacking. It appeals to the boyish attraction of adventure and unknown – possibly a mid life crisis at this stage though!

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Over the last couple of years I’ve read various articles about bikepacking but this week I’ve fallen down the YouTube and Google rabbit holes and have spent hours watching videos and reading articles. I’ve become a theoretical expert on the best camping options, packing variations, kit options and bag suppliers. I even have a shopping list for kit that I don’t have yet, food options and a few ideas for places to go!

It must be the enforced lockdown bringing on the urge to travel and explore and it’s definitely the extra time that has given the opportunity to research but I’m determined to take at least one short trip before the end of the Summer.

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6 thoughts on “bikepacking

  1. richardtirith4919

    Long story I’ve written about on my blog…most recently The Search for Spartacus. Still under stay at home order here until at least June 12. National and state parks/campgrounds are closed as well as all private ones. Hoping also to get one in before the end of summer, but it isn’t looking good. FTR, also look at dedicated touring bikes with pannier racks. I was able to fit all my needed gear, clothes, tools, etc in two rear panniers and a triangle frame bag. With the added weight, I was only able to average about 14 mph on a 65 mile ride (22-23km/hr over 105km.

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    1. idlecyclist Post author

      In my trip down the rabbit holes I looked at panniers but saw lots of comments about weight on the back affecting the front wheel. I don’t intend to be at this big time for a long time, if at all, so plan to use my current MTB and plan in a bit of off road travelling too. Bags seem to be the best option for my bike, for fit as well as weight distribution.


  2. biking2work

    I’ve fancied a go at it too but not done the research that you have. I thought that the 29er frame would be a good bike choice for it as it opens up options of off/on road routes

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  3. Kieran

    I’d prefer to bike from 4-star hotel to 4-star hotel… but my wallet prefers I stop dreaming… Don’t think I’m organized or driven enough to bike camp. But it’s good to see that other people in the world can figure it out.

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  4. threewheelsonmywaggon

    I spent a couple of years riding Audax before I took up long-distance riding in Europe, on my ride from the source to the mouth of the Loire I used an Airnimal folding bike, I was amazed at the handling although it only had 20-inch wheels, the only problem I had was the seat would constantly slip down no matter how tight the clamp, solved by putting a Jubilee clip around the stem. What I learned from my Audax riding was everything you put on the bike you will have to carry and it will slow your progress. I carried all my camping gear in a long flap saddle bag attached to the rear of the saddle, if it could not go in the saddlebag then it did not go. I wore everything but not especially for cycling, cargo shorts and top, my cycling jacket (when not worn) backed inside out into the hood and went around my waist. Light is best.

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