new restrictions

New measures were introduced yesterday evening that, despite government reluctance to use the term, are effectively a full lockdown for the country. We are only allowed to leave home for essential tasks (food shopping/collection, caring for the elderly or vulnerable, collection of medicines, travel to essential work) and are only allowed to exercise within 2km of our homes.

This last bit sounds very restrictive but it’s amazing how much space is within a 2km radius. A software developer in Wexford was quick off the mark and has a handy online tool to show you what this looks like.

my 2km radius

A member of a cycling WhatsApp group pointed out that a 2km radius is equal to a circumference of 12.5km and armed with both bits of information I was able to create an 11km loop on Strava that stays within the new guidelines.

the maths

A few cycling friends have used hill repeats for training but despite considering it I’ve never bothered. This loop is effectively hill repeats as there is one big climb in the middle with an average of 5.4% over 2km with three sections of 10%+ giving an elevation change of 145m. It’s a tough old climb and despite tiredness setting in I was surprised how consistent I was on the four repeats I did today on a total distance of 51km including the descent from home and climb back up.

elevation profile
click the image to view on strava

On my first loop I was hailed by John, one of my fellow Club mates, outside his house as he was out cutting the grass. It was a very pleasant and novel experience to be talking to someone (maintaining a 2m social distance) other than family and shop assistants for the first time in 2 weeks, even if our conversation was unsurprisingly dominated by the virus.

6 thoughts on “new restrictions

  1. A Dude Abikes

    Yeah I just read about the ban in recreational cycling in Italy, France and Spain. Glad you can do something nearby. Fear such restrictions coming here. Many people are idiots and not follow the rules, objectionable as they are. The same ones who like your PM were ignorrantly shaking hands and are now ill. What a nightmare this is!

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    1. idlecyclist Post author

      I assume you’re talking about Boris? He’s not my PM 😉 He’s UK, I’m Republic of Ireland although I’m very close living only a few km from the border with Northern Ireland. Thankfully he’s someone else’s problem 😊

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    Wow that’s not far at all! Luckily you must have a few roads within that 2km radius. I wouldn’t even make it to the end of the road so couldn’t even do laps of the block. You should totally challenge yourself to the 100km “keeping it local” ride!

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