back in the saddle

Back in the middle of September I was feeling very positive about my return to cycling and felt I had my mojo back after 6 weeks or so of fairly consistent cycling. That was the last time I was on a bike meaning I was once again living up to my self imposed blog title!

There are plenty of excuses why I wasn’t able to cycle but no real good reasons why for so long. I had a hospital appointment on a Sunday and the following Wednesday I contracted a particularly vicious vomiting bug that knocked me for six for about a week. However, last week was pure laziness!

Today, spurred on by a post from “A Dude Abikes“, I’ve managed to break that duck and felt surprisingly good on the bike. I had planned a relatively easy spin to Strabane and back for 40km but ended up adding on a loop to Stranorlar to make that 50km instead.

click the image above to view on Strava

I was faster than usual today which also surprised me with a 27km/hr average before I hit the last climb to home. There was very little wind this morning which may have contributed but I was working too as my heart rate was pretty high throughout. At no point though did I feel I was red lining.

After my mid September collapse in performance I’m hesitant to set an October target but I hope to get 400km+ in this month with 50km already done.

2 thoughts on “back in the saddle

  1. A Dude Abikes

    That is good news you got yourself back out there. Vomiting and other things seem like good reasons but laziness is sometimes maybe just our bodies way of saying where you aren’t up to it. But sometimes it’s just laziness and thank you say breaking that duck is what has to be done. Don’t know that phrase over here on the other side of the pond though! Thank you very much for the shout-out and I’m glad to have been a little bit of encouragement. That’s what we all need sometimes. Cheers, and just keep pedaling.

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