post-work spin

Almost two weeks in the new job and finally got around to being organised enough to get out for a spin after work. There won’t be many evenings of daylight left now so I wanted to make the most of it while I still can, having wasted the whole Summer.

Everything was done according to plan: route decided and clothes sorted Thursday night, bike prepped and lubed, bottle filled and on the bike this morning and food prepared to eat while travelling home from work. All set for a quick turnaround when I got home.

Then the weather intervened. Massive rain showers shortly after 7 and it looked like the plans were off 😡 The rain radar was giving a glimmer of hope and despite concerns I managed to get away at 8pm with my rear mudguard fitted, a good bit behind schedule but on the road.

I decided to stick to the original planned route of 40km despite concerns about the failing light. But decent lights and a hi viz harness and gillet gave me confidence.

The first 12km follows the road from Liscooley to Raphoe. I’ve never cycled this before but now drive it every day to work. For a back road it has a decent surface and has a few little short, sharp climbs, especially as you approach Raphoe. This was the enjoyable part of the route.

Once into Raphoe I turned and headed on familiar roads to Convoy and Ballybofey taking in the 5km drag from Convoy to Kilross (Broadpath).

With the change in direction I also picked up the wind. It was blustery and reasonably strong but I figured I’d get the benefit heading towards home from Ballybofey. It definitely slowed me down on the Broadpath segment. My time this evening was almost 3.5min slower than my best time from 2016.

Returning home from Ballybofey I still seemed to have the wind against me which was frustrating as I felt I was also chasing the setting sun. Once I came over the top of Kilross and all the way back to Killygordon the road was significantly busier and the darkening evening made me nervous. I didn’t really enjoy this bit of the ride and it took a lot of the enjoyment from the evening. However, 40km I wouldn’t have done in the house and I’m happy I went out.

click the image to view the route on strava

1 thought on “post-work spin

  1. A Dude Abikes

    Perseverance is a useful trait to have for a cyclist, as in life. Perfect is the enemy of good, as my brother says. Well done! And thanks for liking my post. Best wishes!



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