sunday stretch

Driving back from Dublin last night my tired brain decided that it would be feasible to get home about 1am and get back up at 8am to do the local charity cycle with the club. Needless to say this didn’t happen!

I did decide though that my legs needed a good stretch having spent 5 days pounding the concrete pavements of London so I reassembled my sparkling clean* road bike and headed out.

sunny blue Donegal skies

I chose one of my easier ~1hr/25km routes around the Finn Valley. It was warm and sunny and very humid. There was a strong breeze from the South which should have meant a sidewind rather than a headwind but I misunderstood the direction and ended up with quite a strong headwind all the way back from Ballybofey.

click here to view on Garmin Connect

I was trying for a nice easy spin but lack of fitness and the wind left me with a much higher average heart rate than planned.

My latest cycling has been on the MTB so it was a nice change to be out on the road for the first time since 25th June!

*sparkly clean after a deep clean and a new chain last week before heading to London.

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